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18 August 2022


Translation Media Center provides qualified and reliable translating service in various fields, starting from general fields, literature, economics & finance (investment, etc), taxation & trade, humaniora, law (litigation, arbitrage, etc), tourism, engineering & industry, science and technology, politics, management to health or medical affairs.

Equipped with tested experiences for years in translating business and a number of professional translators we have been able to handle various translation projects of books and documents which are inter alia as follows:
  • Land certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Laws and regulations
  • Product patent
  • Insurance
  • Journal of law
  • Power of attorney
  • Financial statement
  • State/local budget
  • Annual report
  • Technical and engineering
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • AMDAL (Environment Impact Assessment)
  • (Literature novel and general articles)
  • Agreement and lease contract
  • Litigation and arbitrage processes
  • Academic publication
  • Training material
  • Manual
  • Research report
  • Security
  • Taxation
  • Medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • Investment
  • Declaration of statement of shareholders
  • Customs and excise
  • Business proposal
  • Non-fictional books
Besides that our experienced and high quality translators have got a lot of trusts to provide translation services for big law firms, taxation offices, customs office, banking, companies and universities and industry players.

Furthermore, the operation procedures we already stipulated in Translation Media Center have been matched to commonly applicable standards in translating sector in the matters of:
  • Language competence and technical references for translators
  • Quality management and project work
  • Information maintenance and data confidentiality
  • Terminology management and guidelines on translation styles
  • Methods of check-recheck, editing and final verification for translation results
Upon the application of such comprehensive high standards for years, reputation of Translation Media Center is quite able to be relied on for translating accuracy and punctuality.


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